Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 register big sales figure during 2010 in U.K

According to the annual report of the Interactive Entertainment Association UK (UKIE), the gaming market in the UK last year registered a decline in sales of over 13% in comparision to 2009 figure.

Xbox 360 Vs PS3

Its latest report reveals that total sales of hardware and software amounted to 4.8 billion dollars, which equals 2.26 billion sale of video games. 

The most lucrative market was of Xbox 360 it managed to sell 18.2 million software units, while PlayStation 3 followed behind with 13.8 million. 

As for hardware, the fight between the two was more even with the Xbox 360 reaching a total of $361 million, while PlayStation 3 nearly tied with $357 million.

The peripheral market achieved the not inconsiderable figure of 25.8 million units ($848 million).

UKIE did not reveal sales figure details for Nintendo.

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