Undead: The Last Refuge coming to iPhone

The much awaited Undead: The Last Refuge will be soon coming to iPhone user, We have got you some of indept detail about the game what it is all about along with a actual gameplay Video of it.

What Undead: The Last Refuge is all about:

Announcement of coming of Apocalypse has been made very long ago, but you were not have any knowledge that it is coming so soon. The dead has woken up from the very ground and has made their target to whatever thing that came in their way but except you and now you are left for the battle of your survival how long and far you can survive ?


  • 3D modelled environment with awesome graphics for gamer
  • Battle with dozens of zombies who are on their way to drink your blood, well a new thing for iPhone/iPad gamers
  • Provision for posting your score on Facebook and Twitter and many more..

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