Nintendo Switch Info Leaked By Trailer Actor: "Pro Controller More Comfortable Than Xbox One Joypad"

Nintendo Switch Information Leaked

Nintendo Switch presentation trailer has arrived out of nowhere, although an official unveils has waited for weeks and even months. New details have leaked thanks to an actor who was involved in the making of the video, revealing that he was one of the few gamers who was participating in it. All the other barely knew what they were doing.

Nintendo Switch Information Leaked

This guy even has a Twitch channel where he apparently streams a lot of Banjo. Interestingly, he says he knew about the Nintendo Switch name since September, when the trailer was possibly produced, and this is why he was a bit surprised to see it hasn't leaked before the official presentation, as many people were involved in the short movie.

Black tape covered the Nintendo Switch logos so anyone had a chance to make spoilers nor leaks, and that tape was removed only when the filming began. Those featured in the clip were actual Switch units, and he said that, while he is not a huge fan of isometric sticks, the pro controller is even more comfortable than the Xbox One joypad.

Splatoon was the only footage added through post-production, and actors even had a Wii U set up on stage so they could practice with the real feel of playing the game. All other titles were actual demos running in front of them.

Nintendo Switch is releasing in March 2017.


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