New GTA V Secret Has A Woman Tied To A Rock In The Deep Sea, Map Location Revealed

New GTA V Secret Discovered, Map Location Revealed

GTA V is still filled with mystery, as players keep finding out stuff which is pretty creepy if you consider it outside of the fun mood the game and series preserve throughout the adventures depicted in it. Just a few days ago, a baby crying alone in an empty house was discovered by players, and now we have one more creepy detail to talk about.

New GTA V Secret Discovered, Map Location Revealed

A youtuber called ItsTinyTroll has found out there's a woman tied to a rock deep under the sea. While you can find the video below with the exact location and point on the map, it is still unclear why Rockstar Games added such thing in its latest open world title. Could it be a cut down murder plot?

This gives us an idea about how much big and still unexplored the world of Grand Theft Auto V is. Players have spent a huge amount of hours in it, also thanks to GTA Online, but this hasn't changed the fact that this world has still lots of mystery and secret people keep finding each and every day. Amazing.

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