Resident Evil 7 Character And Enemies Details Ahead Of Third Demo Releasing In December

Resident Evil 7 Third Demo Character and Enemies

New Resident Evil 7 details have slipped from the latest short videos published by Capcom in order to create some anticipation for the upcoming game. First of all, we learn about new enemies that can apparently be beaten normally, without any particular interaction with the environment or whatever, and can also regenerate to some extent.

Resident Evil 7 Third Demo Character and Enemies

Moreover, and maybe this is the most interesting detail in the short term, we can also have a look, in the Aunt Rhody trailer, at when the latest update for the Resident Evil 7 demo is coming: early December. On top of that, it seems that, like the Baker family, Aunt Rhody is going to be an important character in terms of storyline.

The upcoming demo is going to be the third, and as Capcom has already confirmed none of those is going to be featured in the main game releasing in January. Hopefully, this time we'll make some experience of the title's core mechanics, like combat, and characters that we have not fully met yet so far.

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