PS4 Pro: Top 13 Features It Brings To 1080p TV

PS4 Pro: 13 Benefit It Brings To 1080p TV

PS4 Pro has several graphical and technical enhancements that make it better than currently available PS4 and PS4 Slim, no matter if you own a 4K TV or not. Ok, if you own a 4K TV it will look much better, BUT again, thanks to the many tweaks Sony adopted on this console it surely looks like a good improvement upon current base platform.

PS4 Pro: 13 Benefit It Brings To 1080p TV

Let's take a look at all the top features you should know if you are using a 1080p TV and looking into reasons why you should buy the new PlayStation 4 Pro.

  1. Games are going to be downsampled to 1080p when patched. This means resolution will look higher even if running on full HD monitors
  2. You can choose visual modes to focus on what you prefer most, resolution, frame rate or graphics improvements
  3. PS4 Pro has better wifi, 5ghz, than original PS4 and Slim
  4. PS4 Pro is quieter than PS4
  5. Games load faster. SSD / SSHD do it faster as well thanks to SATA III
  6. The console has one extra USB port
  7. PlayStation VR have a better graphics
  8. Remote play runs at a maximum resolution of 1080p and 60fps
  9. PS4 Pro has an optical audio port, PS4 Slim doesn't
  10. Share button lets you record videos at 1080p and 30fps, rather than simple 720
  11. You can stream at 1080p and 60fps
  12. System has 1 more GB RAM. 512 MB of GDDR5 RAM freed up for games. The rest of the added RAM is for other purposes
  13. DualShock 4 is better than the original PS4, thanks to lighter light bar and lower latency via cable

PS4 Pro is out now worldwide. It carries a price tag of $399.

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