Battlefield 1 Patch 1.04 Downgrades Performance On PS4 Pro: "FPS Doesn't Feel Smooth, Blurry Texture"

Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro Performance Downgrade Post Patch 1.04

Yesterday DICE released Fall patch for Battlefield 1 PC, PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. The update brought some much-needed performance improvements and added new features, you guys can read the full patch note in case you missed it. Sadly, the update downgraded the performance of Battlefield 1 on PlayStation 4 Pro. Social media forums like Neogaf and Reddit are full of complaints from players that patch 1.04 (that went live yesterday) downgraded the performance of the game on Sony's new console.

Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro Performance Downgrade Post Patch 1.04

Neogaf user Arthur-Hucksake wrote: "Jaggy shimmer is now present and a softer image all round. The frames don’t feel as smooth, either." In the same thread, Hurley added: "Just had a few games then on the pro and it does seem like the fps and image quality has taken a bit of a hit. Fps isn’t too bad but it doesn’t feel as smooth as pre-patch."

User BLAUCopter wrote on official Battlefield forum: "Was playing all afternoon pre-patch and not only does it look softer post patch it runs worse too. Just go play Argonne Forest and run around. There’s definitely a performance hit."

Few users suggested that the root cause of this performance downgrade issue is that DICE might have accidentally overwritten the Pro mode flag while adding TAA (anti-aliasing). This change was mentioned in the patch note. Due to this, PS4 Pro version of Battlefield 1 is launching in the Base PS4 mode, hence there is a dramatic performance difference PRE vs Post patch 1.04.

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