Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Version Has FPS Issue, Looks Worse Than The Judgment Demo

Final Fantasy XV - PS4 Pro Performance Analysis

Final Fantasy XV is almost here, and as the game's release approaches we have more and more details about all its different settings and versions. Among the most interesting pieces of information, we have an actual comparison between standard PlayStation 4 version and PS4 Pro version, which is supposed to be the most performing out there.

Final Fantasy XV - PS4 Pro Performance Analysis

According to a new comparison, anyway, this is not the case. Despite a 7GB day one patch, this version of Final Fantasy XV is not working as good as it should, or even as good as it is on base PS4. The camera panning test on PlayStation 4 Pro shows us this version has quite some problem with frame rate.

Based on our experience, Judgment demo didn't have such issues, despite being mined by a full rush of bugs anywhere, and it looks pretty weird to see them pop up now that the game is almost ready to release. Hopefully, Square Enix can fix them and make this much-anticipated title run the way it should, or at least offer some parity between the two PS4 versions.

Watch Digital Foundry's tech analysis report on the FFXV Judgment Demo, which has FPS pacing issue as well.

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