Nintendo Switch Supporting GameCube Titles Via Virtual Console Emulation?

Nintendo Switch To Support GameCube Games

Multiple reports claim Nintendo Switch is getting GameCube Virtual Console compatibility. According to Eurogamer's Tom Phillips, one of the first journalists to talk about Switch as a hybrid platform, and insider Emily Rogers, it seems we'll be playing older GameCube titles in total portability thanks to the upcoming platform.

Nintendo Switch To Support GameCube Games

Most importantly, Phillips' report comes from three different sources, although none of them was able to confirm which games could be coming first as part of the service. "GameCube Virtual Console for Switch is indeed a thing, heard from at least 3 people. Working on report now on 1st games, thinking behind it," he said in a tweet.

Rogers provided further comments about this topic, adding that Nintendo is improving emulation in comparison with what we've seen and played lately on Wii U. "I heard good things about Switch virtual console. Step in the right direction. Nintendo is listening to criticisms about Wii U emulation," she stated.

Sure this is a great news for Nintendo fans. In terms of pure games, GameCube was probably the best Nintendo console in the modern era, with lots of exclusive titles that were released especially in the first half of its lifecycle. Switch could take great advantage from supporting GC Virtual Console, then. Am I right?

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