Hideo Kojima Is Enthusiast About VR, Death Stranding Part Of It?

Death Stranding VR In Development?

Hideo Kojima is a VR enthusiast, even though he has never discussed properly his plans for virtual reality and won't be doing that for a while because he fears someone could copy his idea. In a recent interview, though, he said people working on VR now are not doing it right, because they still see the medium as an extension to standard video games and consoles.

Death Stranding VR In Development?

"VR can make users feel in ways that was previously not possible, this is huge, yet no one is doing this!" Kojima explained. "They see VR as an extension of traditional games, but I think it is not. If I said what they should do, then people will just copy that thing, so I won't say it here".

"But now with VR, there's no frame. There's no frame, and it's interactive. This opens up possibilities. You can do things that was [sic] previously impossible because of this frame. I would love to explore this area while no one is at it yet."

Could virtual reality be a part of the Death Stranding project? Is it going to be running some specific portions of the game, not just secondary stuff, on PlayStation VR? We don't know yet, but surely Hideo Kojima embarking on such quest is set to be very, very interesting.


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