PlayStation 3 Piracy could be more worse than PSP

Martin Walfisz, a member of Ubisoft, who participate in the creation of DRM protection system said that if the news that are coming on piracy PlayStation 3 are true, Sony could be in trouble. And piracy would be even more worse than on PSP.

Playstation 3

Walfisz commented that the best way to stop piracy would be through changes in hardware, although this may have been too costly for Sony, and would fail to stop piracy of consoles already on the market or in the homes of all the world.

"I don't think that they can do much. Once a console is hacked this completely, the hardware manufacturer can't really do anything," he said.

He believes that in future all consoles should connect to the Internet as required DRM system, as this would be the most confident that their products could not be hacked. Sony also recently announced it they plan to tackle the hack through "network updates". On the other hand, another report said that Sony could ban the consoles that are pirated even without their being connected to PSN.

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