Record 4K Gameplay Videos from PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio with Plug and Play HDMI to USB Capture Card

Epiphan 4K Capture Card

For recording high quality gameplay videos from console requires quiet a work when it comes to using a PC and compiling videos on a video editing software. Your work can be lot easier if you go for a capture card that does everything for you except editing. Epiphan brings a 4K external video capture card that works with consoles, pc, camera, Smartphone’s, etc. The card is designed to record 4K video without disturbance. 

Epiphan 4K Capture Card HDMI to USB 4K capture card works on the hardware layer, once connected to your console, and the storage is detected it starts recording. At one side you need the video source that can be your console, and on the other side a pc a stream, capture source. You can select custom resolution upto 4096x2160 with 4k UHD Video streaming at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps. It also records high quality audio upto 24bit 96Hz. 

The capture card is costly, it comes for $400 on Amazon. Compared to this there are ample of models under $100, but none of them brings 4K video recording. On the other side the card also works with various other devices which are a plus point. The cards are ideal accessories for new consoles like Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro. They have 4K game support, but gets the exact video output with positive sound won't be possible if the hardware itself can stream the content at highest resolution. If only 4K recording is your primary objective in capturing gameplay, then this card is worth to go for. 

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