Pokemon Stars To Introduce 20+ Pokemon On Nintendo Switch: Rumor

New interesting rumors about Pokemon Stars come from well known insider Laura Kate Dale. According to her, it seems that this version, the third of the game that's already out as Sun and Moon, is going to receive exclusive Pokemon that were purposely cut from the previous two iterations in order to grant something fresh and new to Nintendo Switch users.

Pokemon Stars Information Leaked

In a tweet, Dale commented that she doesn't know how much Pokemon fans could and should be happy about such decision, meaning that discovering 20 - twenty - 'pocket monsters' were cut from the game they bought to be included in another version is not that fun.

"I have heard 20+ new monsters being saved for Stars …  I honestly do not know if folk would be happy with that or not," were Dale's words on Twitter. This version's rumor has been around for a while, with developer Game Freak said to be working on Switch and possibly making it, if not at March's launch, at least by the end of the year.

I don't know if Pokemon fans would be right in being upset about this. It's a port, if confirmed, and it's obvious that some content could be added in order to improve Switch users experience. Sad thing is the game has shipped just a couple months ago, and could be nice from Nintendo to grant the new version at a cheaper price for those who already own Sun and Moon, or to add those Pokemon via a free/small feed DLC.

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