GameStop Italy Pre-Order Page Reveals Nintendo Switch's Price: €399, Legit or Placeholder?

While we're all waiting for specific news to come on January 12/13 (as usual, depending on your timezone and territory), it seems GameStop already knows what the price of Nintendo Switch will be like when it releases in March 2017 - only two months from now. The Italian web store has already opened pre-order, same as the UK.

Nintendo Switch Price Leaked By GameStop

The official Italian GameStop website page reports that Nintendo Switch is going to be priced at €399.99, which is likely to be $399 in dollars. If confirmed, this price is set to be much higher than anticipated and hoped, and forecasted by analysts in the last few months in the hope, again, that Nintendo could be making the right decision on this.

By the way, it must be noted that GameStop itself says that, should the final price be lower, it will provide compensations to players who will be pre-ordering Nintendo Switch. This means the price is just a placeholder, even though one very realistic and believable. Hopefully things change for better in less than ten days, but realistically there are few chances that the price could be different for or for more than $50.

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