Windows 10 Game Mode Details Leak: Already Available For Devs To Prepare Ground For Project Scorpio

New information about Microsoft's Game Mode come today from a Windows Central exclusive feature, which provides more confirmation and details about what this mode is all about. Game Mode is said to be a feature for developers to offer more tools to make it possible to have streamlined performances between Windows 10 PC, Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

Windows 10 Game Mode To Prepare Ground For Project Scorpio

Targets are reported to be 900p and 1080p on Xbox One, while, more importantly, reportedly offering 4K resolution with 60 frames per second for Project Scorpio. Improvements are promised to be granted only for titles based on Universal Windows Platform, so the first party catalogue is covered while third parties are not taking apparently any advantage if they don't drop on Windows Store.

Game Mode is again reported to be already available for devs, which are reportedly using supported dev kits since the 2016 summer. Updates would be granted for developers throughout fall and winter, so the process is all but ended and thought to be going along the launch of Project Scorpio.

It seems Microsoft is preparing solid ground for Project Scorpio here. Up to 4K resolution games would already be available for the console as soon as it releases, without any additional patch or content to be released as it happens instead with PS4 Pro, and more importantly the process would cover a much wider range of titles. 95% of the code is said to be already working on Scorpio, so just the 5% left would remained to be worked on.


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