Mass Effect Andromeda Lengthy Gameplay Incoming Around Mid-Feb, Dev Has Marketing Blitz Planned: Insider

Just a few days ago Bioware announced the exact release date of Mass Effect Andromeda for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. What else is left on the table? the official PC system requirements of Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware's General Manager Aaryn Flynn in a recent Twitter conversation with a fan revealed that PC system requirements for Mass Effect Andromeda will be announced closer to game's launch. Later, Aaryn added: "Sometime in February I think".

Mass Effect Andromeda Marketing Stars Mid-February 2017

When asked by a fan on Twitter: Any word on when the PC specs for ME: A will be revealed? Aaryn replied: "Probably closer to launch. Sometime in February I think"

In addition to this, Aaryn promised to release a lengthy Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay that will explain new gameplay elements and character companions feature. Bioware needs to think a lot of this demand (longer gameplay demo of Mass Effect Andromeda) of players, they need to meet it as soon as possible, and this sentiment was also echoed by well-known insider Shinobi602, who confirmed via a post on NeoGAF that more videos should arrive "around mid-February 2017"

"I can certainly understand people's apprehension for how 'little' they're showing. I've been close with a lot of the folks there for a little while now, and I know when things are planned for the most part. Believe me, if I was on the outside looking in and had no idea, I'd be absolutely confused as to what's going on. I don't blame people one bit.

It's been a weird ride for sure. I don't think the footage yesterday helped really. It was short. People want lengthy videos of substance. They want to know more about the squad mates and meet them a bit before playing. They want to know more about the story. And I've relayed this and asked about that. I'm not moving the goalpost or anything, but after asking again, things like lengthy demos (10 minutes or more) are coming around mid-February. They haven't even shown most of the environments and worlds we'll explore, creatures we'll fight, space travel, inside the Tempest, inside the Nexus, etc.

It's coming March 21st, and they have a marketing blitz planned leading up to it starting towards the end of this month, early next month. I just want it all out there already so people can finally feel comfortable that this game is going to be fu**** awesome."

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to launch on March 21 in North America, and on March 23 in Europe. The game will run at 1080p/30FPS on PS4, and on 900p/30FPS on Xbox One, and at 1800p on PS4 Pro.

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