Uncharted Movie's Script Is Complete, It's A "Beast" According To Writer

Good news to you, video games and movie lovers. It seems we're one huge step closer to watching the long rumored and highly likely to be canceled, at least until a few months ago, Uncharted movie, as the official writer wrapped up the script for it and shooting, is possibly about to begin soon.

Uncharted Movie Script Ready

As shared on Instagram, writer Joe Carnahan (A-Team, The Grey) has completed the script, and claimed it's a "beast", as he is very faithful in it to be the best thing action movie has seen in a while right there in Hollywood. "if there's a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I want to read it."

At this point, we only know about the director, Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy, and the writer - characters involved in the movie are missing, and we don't even have a Nathan Drake actor. So, it really looks like things are starting to move up, but we're still months away from looking at the real movie being shown up via trailers and PR blurb.

I'm really interested in seeing what they'll be making with this movie, to be honest, even though I am a bit pessimistic about how its final quality might end up to be. With Assassin's Creed movie ending up being nothing more than a Prince of Persia with famed Hollywood actors, I don't see how things could result much better with Sony's Uncharted.

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