Dead Rising 4 Looks And Plays Worse Than The Original Game: Comparison Video

In terms of graphics, Dead Rising 4 has been a bit of a disappointment, while it was a complete failure when it came to providing zombie-based challenging gameplay moments. As you can see in the comparison video below, it looks like Capcom really needed to cut some features and visual tweaks in order to have the game running stable.

Dead Rising 4 vs Dead Rising Comparison

Youtuber Crowbcat offered a 22-minute comparison video that has the original Dead Rising released ten years ago and Dead Rising 4, incredibly showing that the original game has more features in both graphics and gameplay than the latest entry. For example, the original allows you to rip off zombies' limbs, the latest doesn't.

It's also a matter of gameplay anyway, as you can use basically anything as a weapon in Dead Rising, while the fourth main entry is pretty limited when it comes to how you can attack your enemies. While it could look like a downgrade, it's likely to be happening for frame rate and stability reasons: Dead Rising 4 is much smoother than Dead Rising 3, and it is possible things like this are happening because the developer wanted to have a more consistent experience (also with a new engine - Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4).

Have you played Dead Rising 4? Did you notice these differences? Honestly, I've been pretty disappointed by the latest Dead Rising entry. Played them all, and while the series has never been the best gameplay experience out there, always lacking something in terms of story and gameplay, DR4 looks way less interesting that previous games. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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