Spencer Breaks His Silencer On Scalebound Cancellation, says "Result Is Better 4 Xbox Gamers"

Inevitably, Scalebound being canceled is the talk of the town, and while we still don't have any details provided specifically about the cancellation itself nor any comments from Platinum Games, Microsoft has indeed commented on a few occasions about the matter. First the official note by Xbox, then the Xbox Head's tweet explaining his vision about what happened.

Scalebound Canceled, Spencer Breaks His Silence

Phil Spencer has provided his comment from his official Twitter account, detailing what he believes and thinks about the Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive canceled in the last few hours surprising and disappointing lots of Xbox fans around the world. He said canceling Scalebound was definitely a "difficult decision".

But "we believe the result is better 4 Xbox gamers, still disappointing. I'm confident in 17 lineup that's our focus," he added, somehow confirming Scalebound was in a disappointing status and keep pushing on it, in the face of quality, could have lead to an even more difficult situation when it'd be released in one year or two.

We're all disappointed and hope one way or another Platinum Games manages to return to the project, or at least not suffer from it being canceled. But Microsoft has all the rights to make the similar decision as publisher, and hopefully they decide after further deliberation that the game as it actually was would have been way worse than expected.

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