This Is The Actual Reason Why Epic Games Sold Gears of War IP To Microsoft

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney returned with the memory at the days when his studio sold the Gears of War IP to Microsoft and offered in a recent interview more explanation about a decision that till now many long-running fans of the saga (and Epic itself) don't understand completely.

Gears of War 4: Development Cost and Profit Revealed

According to Sweeney, all the Gears of War games were profitable but with each title release, the budget requirement for development was raising, while profits remained basically the same from the original Gears to the last one, Judgment. That convinced Epic Games to stop investing on the IP and consider selling it to another partner, which ended up being Microsoft.

"A funny thing happened in the console market, though. Budgets were being bid up. The first Gears of War cost $12 million for us to make. And it made us $100 million in profit. So that was awesome," Sweeney said. "But by Gears of War: Judgment, the game cost about $60 million to build, and made about $100 million still."

Sweeney previously said that Gears of War 3's budget was around four or five times as much as the first game, so about $48 million-$60 million.

Gears of War 4 just released for Xbox One and Windows 10 and is the first chapter in the series not to come from Epic Games' devs (nor People Can Fly subsidiary). Development efforts have been brilliantly conducted by The Coalition, even though in my opinion it was kind of not so original reboot, à la Halo 4, to the series rather than a proper sequel.

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