$30 Media Player Ultra App Now Available For Free For Xbox One and Windows 10

Good news for those of you looking for Xbox One as a media player, and not only as a video games console. Media Player Ultra app is now free and it'll keep being free for the next eight days, instead of costing you $34,98. Media Player Ultra supports more than 300 different media formats, its web page on Microsoft Store says.

Media Player Ultra App Now Available For Free

"With Media Player Ultra you get features such as search and listen to audio and video on SoundCloud and YouTube; caches content from these services; create playlists, with the possibility of adding as found files, and local media; adjust the EQ; select an audio track when watching videos and much more useful and interesting! Media Player Ultra is a premium product! It contains no advertising and in-app purchase," we have read from its official description.

Here's a quick rundown to the features list:

  • Search and play media content from YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • Create and edit video/audio playlists from media content found on YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • Sort and search for the local multimedia.
  • Add local audio and video files to playlists.
  • Playback files from DVDs.
  • Watch videos with subtitles.
  • Supports internal and external subtitles: .aqt, .ass, .stl, .mpl, .rt, .smi, .srt, .ssa, .stl, .sub, .usf.
  • Select the audio track in the video.
  • Equalizer settings.
  • Support for multimedia keys on the keyboard.
  • Support for gestures for touch devices and hotkeys.
  • Cast to Device option.
  • Integration with Last FM.
  • Supported video formats: ".avi", ".flv", ".mkv", ".vob", ".qt", ".m4p", ".3g2", ".3gp2", ".3gp", ".3gpp", ".m4v", ".m4a", ".mp4v", ".mp4", ".mov", ".m2ts", ".asf", ".wm", ".wmv", ".m4b".
  • Supported video formats: ".m4r", ".3ga", ".ts", ".f4v", ".hdmov", ".moov", ".mpeg", ".mpg", ".mpe", ".mpg2", ".mpeg1", ".mpeg4", ".divx", ".dvr-ms", ".ogv", ".mxf", ".m2p", ".mts", ".rm", ".rmvb".
  • Supported audio formats: ".flac", ".mp3", ".wav", ".m4a", ".wma", ".aac", ".adt", ".adts", ".ac3", ".ec3", ".amr", ".au", ".aiff", ".aif", ".aifc", ".caf", ".qcp", ".wave", ".alac".
  • Large selection of application settings.

Pretty nice app, I must say. Head here to buy it for free now and start the download.

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