Crackdown 3 Has Had Technical Issues, But It's Safe: Shinobi

Microsoft just canceled Scalebound and might be in the middle of other similar operations, but that doesn't seem the case with Crackdown 3. According to famed insider Shinobi602, the title, currently in the making at Reagent Games, is not at any risk even though it has been through lots of technical issues along the process.

Crackdown 3 Also Has Technical Issue

Talking about this topic on Twitter, the well-informed insider said that "also asked around a bit and Crackdown 3 is safe, coming along fine. Development was rough but all game development is to be fair."

In a previous comment on NeoGaf, he provided his vision of what's happening to the project, after it got announced at E3 2014 and went silent for a long, way too long, timeframe. "Yea, it's been rough, and there's still issues but nothing like Scalebound is what I meant. It's coming along," he said.

Microsoft is in the middle of too many issues now, and besides the fact that Crackdown 3 will finally release this year, I'm afraid about the quality of the game once it ships. I was never that much into the cloud gaming promise, and all this time passed since its first reveal and its actual release, should it even be in 2017, is a signal of things heavily changed throughout the long process.

The Crackdown 3 actually releasing might be totally different from the game we've been anticipating so far.

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