It Takes 10 Hours To Beat Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil 7 Game Length Revealed

New leaks involving Resident Evil 7 have just popped up on the Internet today, and in particular we're talking about some of them regarding how many hours it takes for you to supposedly complete the entire game. It seems someone already has the game in his hands, and can openly discuss it as he hasn't embargo restrictions - or doesn't care about them, at least.

Resident Evil 7 Game Length Revealed

According to the latest leak, Resident Evil 7 could be a 10-hour long game, at least at the Normal difficulty. This gamer had 110 restarts. The picture you can see below also depicts how many healing items you used in your playtime, and takes into account all the collectibles you are able to gather throughout your entire play session.

Looks pretty neat to be honest. Moreover, it seems 10 hours seems a pretty good time for a survival horror experience, especially one in first person view and possibly as a VR compatible game. Were you expecting something more from it? Maybe Capcom could have done something more in terms of longevity?

Don't forget, on top of that, the more content will come in the future as part of the promised DLC. Resident Evil 7 is releasing on January 24.

Resident Evil 7 Completion Screen


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