Super Mario Run Finally Heading To Android Play Store

Nintendo has just revealed when Android users will get a chance to play Super Mario Run, the first Nintendo entry for a mobile device has dropped in December exclusively for iOS (supported iPad and iPhone devices). Unfortunately, it won't be as quick as one would be hoping for, as it's already passed a month since the original launch.

Super Mario Run Android

According to a Nintendo of America tweet, Super Mario Run won't release on Android smart devices before March, the same month we'll get to play Nintendo Switch at our home (and in portability). Interestingly, the new Fire Emblem game for mobile devices will release first on Android, and then only "soon" on iPad and iPhone.

#SuperMarioRun will arrive on Android in March. You can pre-register in Google Play to be notified when it launches

Talking about Super Mario Run, in App Store you can have it at $10 or you can play a small portion of it for free. It has been downloaded 50 million times in slightly more than ten days, which is a new record for smartphone and tablet applications on Apple's App Store. Hopefully things go as good as this when the Super Mario Run ships on Google Play.

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