Flexible LCD display for Smartphone's coming up in 2018

Japan Display Inc. announced flexible display of 5.5inch with 401ppi, 1500:1 contrast ratio, 1080p resolution and 500nits brightness. Made from plastic, such display can tolerate shock and bend to certain level. The company will go for mass productions in 2018. No prototype photos are revealed yet. The company aspires to release flexible screen that can be efficiently occupy their space in portable along with products falling in automobiles or wearable. 


Devices we use today have thick display, damage easily due to shock. Having flexible display made from plastic substrate adds power as well makes it highly energy efficient. This can add more performance to the device without hurting the current screen quality. This revolutionary change boost Smartphone manufacturer to try out unique design we had seen as a concept in Tech Product launches.  

Leading manufacturer’s like LG, Samsung, etc are selling a few models with Curved display. Yet Apple has never gone ahead with experimenting in the screen layout. Such release of flexible display is an indication, that in coming couple of years we will own phone with lot more flexibility. 


  • Display size - 5.5-inch
  • Number of pixels - 1080(xRGB)×1920 Full-HD
  • Resolution density - 401ppi
  • LCD driving frequency - 60Hz/30Hz/15Hz
  • LCD mode - Photo-Alignment IPS (IPS-NEOTM)
  • Surface luminance - 500cd/m2 (Typ.)
  • Contrast ratio - 1500:1 (Typ.)
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