Red Dead Redemption Rockstar XP Challenge now available

Rockstar today starts beginning of the XP Challenge for Red Dead Redemption. Both Grizzled veterans and greenhorns will be at equal position in the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, along with all the people online to unlock special rewards for avatar in their respective platforms.

Red Dead Redemption Rockstar XP Challenge

Challenges originally announced "Skin It to Win It" and "I Shot the Sheriff" to unlock these avatars, now the test is of players on each console collectively gather experience points online to get the thermometer rises from 0 to 100%. A very original way of maintaining interest in users who are still enjoying Red Dead Redemption.

You can track the progress of both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 earnings via the live XP thermometer at the Red Dead Redemption Social Club Community page and the Social Club Homepage.

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