Resident Evil 7 Denuvo Protection failed, Now What Next?

Resident Evil 7

Denuvo when first introduced appears to be a dominant protection against piracy, adopted by video game companies to keep their products safe. Now it is revealed that Denuvo falls back and freshly launched Resident Evil 7 Biohazard shield is compromised. Denuvo was good enough to keep unlocked version of the game difficult to modify, thus creating a sense of security for developers to adopt it.

Resident Evil 7

After releasing a broken version of the game on the web, it looks bootlegging is coming back into its form. RE7 came out with the most recent version of Denuvo, that has been cracked easily and upcoming games that feature the same DRM protection are at risk of piracy.

Publishers’ temperament is definitely high on the same and now it becomes necessary for Denuvo to bring something new and more powerful to sustain their reputation. The anti-temper technology has also created chaos before due to causing the issue with system performance. Ample of PC gamers has frankly expressed not to buy games with Denuvo that impacts the sales.

Well, we will see what really happen next, it is a big blow to find Denuvo facing such issues and it seems none of this high-end protection features remains safe enough to restrict piracy.

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Thomas Goebl Denuvo Marketing Director spoke with Robert Purchese of Eurogamer about the issues recently reported where a piracy group was able to bypass the DRM protection on latest Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. 

"Please note that we always position our Anti-Tamper solution as hard to crack, not as uncrackable. So far only one piracy group has been able to bypass it."

According to him, Denuvo is trying to improve the solution by adding more security updates to the new Anti-Tamper version. The update will eradicate the holes that allowed piracy group to penetrate the security. 

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