Destiny II: Forge of Hope Releasing In November 2017, PC And Project Scorpio Support, Live Events

There's a new Destiny II rumor in town, coming of course from Reddit. According to this rumor, the game is set to be called Destiny II: Forge of Hope and is releasing in a November window, between November 4 and November 18. The rumor 'confirms' Destiny 2 is also dropping on PC, coming with an additional content exclusivity for PlayStation 4, which is anyway said to be reduced to three months 'only'. Also, TBA is said to becoming a Project Scorpio support.

Destiny II

According to this rumor, Bungie is also planning live events coming each 1-2 months like in Overwatch, and those events are said to be redefining each time the narrative and story of the game. This is something pretty likely, we add, as the Seattle studio also hired a new writer to be responsible for such live events for the sequel.

Talking about the story, we learn that "the sequel will heavily focus on chronological events set after the Fall 2015 Expansion The Taken King. The cabal forces attack the city leaving the civilians and mentors of the tower defenseless. It is the guardian's job to fight back the cabal and reclaim the city. While doing so the guardian will discover the long lost stories of Queen Mara Sov and The Exo Strangers motives. The story will culminate with the tower and city fighting back the Cabal empire resulting the guardian defeating the leader of the Cabal in the new Raid."

The first major expansion is said to be releasing fall 2018, with others to follow each quarter. Those are said to be similar to the April update. As the development team shifted to a brand new engine, as already rumored in the past there's not going to be any chance to transfer characters from the original Destiny game.

Of course, this is a huge rumor and none of this information is confirmed. In case, would you like the way Destiny 2 could be shaping up?

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