Nintendo: Pre-order 3DS if you want on launch day

Nintendo throws a attention to users who want to be with Nintendo 3DS on the day of release in the UK. You'd better book the console so they can better position to have all units available at launch in this territory, allowing them to meet the demand for certain locations.

Nintendo 3DS

On the other hand, Nintendo says that it is the most important launch of Nintendo console in its history, that's why they being advisable to make these reservations.

Honeywell marketing man said to CVG  "I think for any of your readers it's important for them to get an early pre-order. That is what I would suggest, Go to your favourite retailer and put your name down because giving us that indication early on will help us to make sure there is enough, if that makes sense. If everyone rushes out at the last moment it's very difficult for us."

It will be released on March 27, 2011. However you can preoder it here: Pre-Order Nintendo 3DS

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