12-year old developed and released iPhone game - Ninja Jump

Ninja Jump

I want to ask you one question, When you are 12 years old what comes to your mind, many things but i am sure not even once you wolud have thaught to develop a game at that age. Well it is now 21st century and anything is possible now, A 12 year old boy name Will Evan has develop a game Ninja Jump for iPhone and the game has release also by donig this he has become a youngest ever game developer of App Store.

Ninja Jump

Will Evans is not new to the development field previous he has develop three application before this game. In his recent interview he said that he develop Ninja Jump because he wanted to develop a game for iPhone after developing some application for the same he further added that it took him almost four week to develop it and the toughest part was the one where a score has to be change when gamers jump the monster.

Well the game is worth purchasing as we will get a clear idea what this 12 year old young mind has develop.  Click here to pick up Ninja Jump on the iTunes App Store.

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