Killzone 3 - Single Player Demo announced

Sony has now announced the Killzone 3 single player demo for PS3. Killzone 3 single player demo will release on 09 February for PlayStation Plus members. And for the rest of the PlayStation members it will be available from 16 February. Yes for non PlayStation Plus members there is the wait of 7 days.

Killzone 3 PS3 cover box

Killzone 3 single player demo will feature the Icy Incursion level which takes place halfway through the campaign. There will be two separate versions of Demo, one in 2D and one in 3D. Yes, There will be two separate downloads available. The 2D version will support splitscreen co-op feature which will not available in the 3D demo. The demos also supports PlayStation Move , so that before the actual release you can determine the taste of gameplay with 3D and move experience.

"Do not worry: if you download the 3D version and play them on your TV is 2D, not broken anything ... you will only see a message "No 3D-TV". The 2D version will also include a split screen co-op mode, a feature that you will not see the 3D demo."

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