Nintendo Switch UK Opening Weekend Doubles Wii U Sales, Sold 80,000 Units

Nintendo Switch First Weekend Sales In UK Better Than Wii U

UK sales are always a pretty good indicator of things, trends and sales happening in video games. This is why seeing what's going on with Nintendo Switch in its first week of availability in the United Kingdom is so much interesting. GamesIndustry International has managed to learn about performances of the latest Nintendo console.

Nintendo Switch First Weekend Sales In UK Better Than Wii U

Nintendo Switch has been available only for three days now, but that's quite enough to have a good comparison with previous Nintendo platforms and current-gen consoles like Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo Switch has managed to sell around 80,000 units in the United Kingdom on its debut weekend.

It's not as strong as the 3DS (113,000) and PS4 launch (250,000) or the Xbox One launch (150,000), but it's double the Wii U figures in the same period (40,000), which gives Nintendo some hope for the future. Previous Nintendo console launches went as follows in the United Kingdom:

  • Game Boy Advance - 67,000
  • Nintendo GameCube - 69,000
  • Nintendo DS - 87,000
  • Nintendo Wii - 105,000
  • Nintendo 3DS - 113,000
  • Nintendo Wii U - 40,000
  • Nintendo Switch - 80,000

That's pretty good. Only Wii, 3DS, and DS had higher sales in the first few days, which means Nintendo Switch could be coming for not huge sales all over the lifecycle but could be a good point of the restart after the Wii U debacle in the last couple years.


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