Wifi Bug possible cause of fps drop on Nintendo Switch

A new bug discovered on the latest Nintendo Switch just after a few weeks of launch. As published on NintendoLife.com, official source shared at the end, talks about how a Wi-fi bug is causing fps drop on the console. Well this fresh bug could be a possible frustration for the game who noticed a screen freeze in a split second at time of game pause. The drops was noticed on the latest game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo Switch Wifi Bug

Just recently we had covered a news about hacking issue on Nintendo Switch, that allows hackers to cause redirection backed by a video playback. For the fps drop, it could be annoying to see the game does not work well and yet Nintendo’s official reply on both is pending for media.

The bug was noticed after hours of gameplay, where the game freezes in between for a while when paused. The issue is resolved by turning off the wifi. Internet access is require to get items from the internal Nintendo Store. Otherwise there is no full-fledge browser in the console


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