Early Mass Effect Andromeda Review (Short), Gameplay Impressions, FPS Performance On PS4 Pro Is 90% Solid

Insider Shinobi602 has provided his early impressions about Mass Effect Andromeda, mainly claiming the game actually feels like a Mass Effect title and not just like a cheap spin-off as many players feared. With the latest patch installed (1.03), he reports frame rate is 99% solid on PlayStation 4 Pro, which is good to begin with.

Mass Effect Andromeda Review

"There was some slowdown during the very first planet I landed on (Habitat 7) because of some effects going on, but quickly went right back up," Shinobi said on NeoGaf. "There were no slowdowns during firefights, biotics, shooting, or anything else like that which is great."

Interestingly, he reported some of the improvements regarding the technical side in comparison with the original trilogy.

"Facial animation isn't the best by any means, sometimes robotic, but for a game of this size and scope I found them fine. If you're used to things like creepy Shepard smile and all the weirdness in the trilogy, you'll be fine with this. What I liked so much was that conversations amongst the crew, Ryder, Cora, etc felt *natural* and flowed nicely instead of feeling like recited lines."

Talking about details and gameplay, "So I took a shuttle down to H7, and I was in gameplay camera the whole time inside the shuttle. I actually loved that it wasn't a cutscene but rather in-game. It drew me into the scene much more. Of course something happens on the way down and I was thrown in a little gameplay sequence of falling down to the planet's surface. It was an awesome little moment."

"Once on the surface, H7 felt really alien and otherworldly. There were large rock formations floating in the air with forms of electric current flowing through them, strange looking plants and fauna, lightning strikes. The lightning almost killed me at one point. You can tell where lightning was about to strike by seeing small amounts of rocks on the ground start to float in a specific spot, followed by electricity building up. I immediately got Eden Prime vibes, though H7 feels much more alien. I was cut off from the rest of my crew, and I had to explore the environment to find them and find where my father is. Scanning is actually fun and feels worthwhile."

We'll spare you some of the spoilers in there, more in terms of gameplay and relationships between Ryder and the other characters. But you can find more at the link provided below.


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