Nintendo Switch game development easier than PS4

Recently a news published by TheTech52, talks about how Nintendo Switch is slightly better than Wii U, and game development on this new successful console will be simpler than PlayStation 4. The Switch console is one of the biggest accomplishment of Nintendo, as they came out with a unique gaming console after pretty long time.

Nintendo Switch

This time Nintendo wants to merge home, and mobile gaming together by offering players a hybrid model. Only one big title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild has made its way to the game that falls under Nintendo. It relies on future how well the console can allow developers to publish best games as Xbox and PS4 are already leading in major titles from years.

Well according to the news domain, a recently podcast published by a German website talks about the performance part of Switch. Experts talk about how Nintendo Switch is a better logical successor of Wii U, and will be a complete replacement of Nintendo 3DS. To know more do refer the source at the end of this news.

Other than releasing major titles, Nintendo Switch also recently landed in few controversy of fps drop and a hacking issue. Major concern is about the backing part as it can allow game piracy on the new console.


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