Mass Effect Andromeda Dev Investigating Further Skin Tone Options

Lead designer Ian Frazier has commented on Twitter about the possibility that a pale skin option might be coming in the future to Mass Effect Andromeda. While he said the team at BioWare is indeed investigating about the chance of introducing deeper skin customization, there's not something like that included in the day one patch.

Mass Effect Andromeda

That patch is indeed already out there for users who are now playing the EA Access and Origin Access 10-hour long trial on Xbox One and PC. "There are some limits to the tone range based on the texture of the actual scanned head. We're looking into fixing via patch," Frazier told a fan on Twitter.

He reiterated then that the patch is "definitely not day 1, that's already out. Potentially down the road. We're in early investigations now." The fact itself that the development team is considering this option is indeed pretty good, considering that many users out there are claiming the game's graphics is not as great as it seemed in the pre-release stages.

Mass Effect Andromeda is releasing on March 23 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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