Helium Filled Second Generation 12TB Seagate HDD - The Titan Storage drive

When we talk about a very high storage solution, especially for a internal hard drive, as SSD’s are still not into budget range, we have quiet a few options to end our search with a 2, 3 or max 4TB storage. The board chipset also matters to support such a high volume. Just recently launched a helium filled hard drive is a new generation of how future Titan storage will be.

Seagate 12TB Drive

Seagate’s whooping 12TB could possibly be good enough for a gaming pc need. Remember such drives may serve you lot for your storage need, and when it comes for the performance part you need to compromise with the available technology among which compare to high RPM drives, SSDs are unbeatable.

Seagate’s 12TB drive targets enterprise and cloud applications, this does not means it usage could be restricted for servers only. In future we could be able to afford such drives with ease to build up a extreme level pc. In which one drive will dedicatedly handling all your game setups.

Boosted by 2nd generation tweaks the drive offers a non-air-filled designed that claims to add more durability to the models. This 12TB model features a 3.5inch form factor dedicated for storage solutions. Talking about the best possible solutions available today we have a ample of 1TB models dedicated for gaming.

We had seen constantly rising video game setup size and the digitization demands a lot more internal storage on PC, compared to consoles where still a part is occupied by optical media. But surely in coming time for gaming pc will require a big drive storage at affordable price.

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