Mass Effect Andromeda Pre-Release Trailer vs Actual Gameplay Comparison Reveals Downgrade

Mass Effect Andromeda is now live for EA Access and Origin Access Xbox One and PC players, which means that, in case you are a subscriber, you can have it for a ten hour long trial ahead of the official March 23 launch. Also, this is allowing everyone out there to have a look at the graphics and compare it with the trailers released in the last few months.

Mass Effect Andromeda Graphics Downgrade

YouTube user Cycu1 has produced a video comparison involving pre-release footage and actual gameplay scenes, which underlines quite remarkable differences between the two builds. In some cases, like the Asari's face now completely blue, it looks like BioWare took some design decisions, while in others it's pretty clear there was a downgrade of sorts.

The gate scene, for example, is much less complex now in comparison with the original, with many neons and details removed by the time of the original scene. Again, faces look not only less detailed but have overall worse animation. So, it looks like during the development process BioWare had to downscale the graphics to maintain a good frame rate and performances.

Hopefully we'll have more in-depth analysis by each specific platform with the game releasing next week.

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