Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Basic Packs Tip

Multiplayer is an important piece of the puzzle in Mass Effect Andromeda, and this is why you should be playing it consciously both now on EA/Origin Access and later this month when the game releases on March 23. An important tip was provided today on Reddit, for that purpose, by user serothel.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tip

"In today's MP stream, a Bioware dev confirmed that maxed out permanent items, such as weapons, mods, and characters, are removed from the drop table," the user said in a specific thread. "This means that much like in ME3MP, the most efficient way to max out your multiplayer arsenal is to max out common items with basic packs first, so there's less bloat in the drop table when you're buying 100000 credit packs."

"This does mean that you will have to wait a bit before you start hoping for Black Widow drops and crazy ultra-rare plasma rifles, but will give you more gear overall."

Mass Effect Andromeda is now playable in a ten hour trial for Xbox One and PC. The trial includes a limited portion of the single-player campaign, while multiplayer's gates are completely open.


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