Evil Within 2 or Psycho Break 2 in production rumor

A leak published on Neogaf reveals about production of next title of 2014 launched third person survival horror game Evil Within. The new title would be Psycho Break 2. The source is based on a job listing for the game production. Yet officially there are no details about the same. So this could be a possible rumor also.

Psycho Break 2

The job description for a translators job also talks about the platform of game will be PS4 and Xbox One. According to recent news, Bethesda claims this new version will be one among the best survival horror sequel. Well it is either Evil Within 2 or Psycho Break, the title is yet pending for official clarification.

Previous edition was quiet a hit that was released a couple of years ago on major consoles and pc platform. Following the last success, this new edition can be counted under a hit list already. As there is very less information about the new gameplay, most of the things are based on speculations. It is possible that in coming time after the leak, we could get a lot of new information from Bethesda about this upcoming franchise.


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