Super Mario Run Coming On Android In Three Days

Nintendo has finally dropped a release date for the Android version of Super Mario Run. The famed DeNA app is coming to Android based smartphones and tablets on March 23. Unlike the iOS build, it's supporting stages 1 to 4 unlocked in the free demo, then, like the previous release, you'll need $9.99 in order to grab the full game.

Download Super Mario Run For Android Release Date

The Super Mario Run pricing model has been much criticised back in December, mainly because it was said to prevent Super Mario Run from having the same success Pokemon GO had upon release -- Niantic's app is completely free to play. Anyway, the platform has managed to reach 90 million installs and $30 million in revenue only on Apple devices.

Another free to play game by Nintendo, Fire Emblem Heroes, has grossed around $5 million in one week of availability, which means this monetization method is proving good for the Japanese platform holder, even with less popular intellectual property. This is definitely paving the way for the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile app.

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