Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 vs Xbox One Tech Analysis - Resolution And Performane Differences Detailed

Mass Effect Andromeda is almost here, and it's already playable on Xbox One and PC thanks to a ten-hour trial provided via EA/Origin Access. Anyway, Digital Foundry has managed to put its hands on the PS4 version as well, and this is allowing them to give an early look and impression about what we should be expecting in terms of comparison.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Based on Digital Foundry video analysis, NeoGaf user chandoog has made the following bullet list with all the technical data provided:


  • Possible dynamic resolution on both, but confirmed differences during gameplay and cut scenes.
  • PS4 Gameplay 1080p, Cutscenes 900p.
  • Xbox One Gameplay 900p, Cutscenes 1344x756p
  • Both versions use 1080p for all pre-recorded video.
  • Checker Board Rendering like artifacts present on both.


  • 30 FPS Targeted
  • Similar frame drops and uneven frame times, both versions also have dynamic V-Sync, hence prone to tearing under stress.
  • Tearing is more noticeable on XB1, PS4 has rare tearing and relegated to the top of the screen.

Of course, we'll need to give the game a proper look once it releases later this week, for a full analysis. Considering that Mass Effect Andromeda is based on Frostbite engine, this is not surprising after all. What would be your opinion in case this should be confirmed?


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