Fallout 4 And Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Will Get Project Scorpio Support Patch: Bethesda

Todd Howard was among the developers included in the Project Scorpio reveal trailer back at the E3 2016, and this basically was a confirm of Bethesda working on something new for the upcoming console. We later learnt about the fact that the development team was to improve the already existing Fallout 4 game for Scorpio.

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This was re-confirmed recently by Howard himself during an interview with outlet Glixel, also adding Skyrim: Special Edition to the mix. Both the games have already been upgraded for PS4 Pro, so we guess it's not going to take like an eternity for them to offer specific updates for Project Scorpio.

"We just wrapped up updating Fallout 4 for the PS4 Pro. We're used to that in the PC world. We can update the games, and people keep playing it. Microsoft's Scorpio is coming next year, and we'll update Fallout 4 and Skyrim for that. That's our hope, that these consoles keep that spirit going forward," he said.

Project Scorpio is releasing later this year. A specific date is set to be provided at E3 2017, together with a first lineup of supported games.

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