Pokemon Developer Looking For PS Vita/Wii U Devs, Is The Series Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch could be receiving the much rumored Pokemon Stars game pretty soon, after all. Developer Game Freak is indeed looking for an artist capable of building models of monsters similar to those seen on PlayStation Vita and Wii U, using Maya, meaning that they could be searching for someone with knowledge on portable systems.

Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch

Game Freak has already worked on platforms other than Nintendo's, mainly on PC, and this could be a clear reference to Pokemon together with the "monsters" they're trying to recreate for this supposedly new project. The Pokemon Company, the IP owner, is partially owned by Nintendo, so it'd look pretty unlikely they'd be producing Pokemon stuff for other platform holders.

While this job listing is far from being a confirm the developer is doing something on Nintendo Switch, it looks pretty clear the team is approaching the console. The Pokemon Stars rumor was supposed to become more concrete sooner, as it should be a port of Sun and Moon, so it'd be a completely new project to release at least in mid 2018.

To soon to say something like that, but it's pretty sure Nintendo is looking to involve Switch in the future of the Pokemon franchise, especially after Pokemon GO success on smart devices, which definitely proves there's a demand for Pokemon on platforms other than Nintendo's.


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