Sony gets Restraining Order against the PS3 Jailbreakers including Geohot

Finally Sony gets first win againts PS3 jailbreakers in Court, including the famous George Hotz (Geohot) for publishing PS3 jailbreak information. Yes, this time Sony suing George Hotz and other jailbreakers, as jailbreaking the PS3 is breaking the law.

George Hotz - GeoHot

Court has granted the TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) to Sony according to which sony gets the following:

1) The GetHot team cannot link to, distribute or really do anything with the jailbreak code while the case continues.
2) Sony wants all the computers and tools used to hack the PS3.

It means Including George Hotz, all jealbreakers have to hand over their all gears from USB sticks to discs to entire workstations to Sony. It has also been ruled that Sony has shown sufficient cause to keep the case in San Francisco.

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