Call of Duty game confirm for Sony's NGP

Call of Duty game confirm for Sony's NGP. Yes you read it right, Philip Earl who represented Activision at the NGP reveal event has promised complete support for the upcoming handheld console by releasing a new COD game title.

At the event Earl also mention that the mixture of NGP with COD will change the way gamers play shooting game title on handheld console.


“We believe that NGP will change the way people play games on the go,” Earl said, “and what better way to prove that, than with Call of Duty.”

“When considering the OLED screen, dual analog sticks, touch screens, and social connectivity options, the possibilities are endless,”.

Well looking at all the details that was revealed by Sony about NGP in the past two days all i can say is that NGP definitely going out to be something big.

You can also check out all the details about NGP below, and have your say what you think about it.

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