State of Decay 2 Release Date Announcement At E3 2017, Crackdown 3 News Is Coming Very Soon

State of Decay 2 Release Date At E3 2017

Project Scorpio reveal is just two days away (it will take place on April 6, and will come from Eurogamer/DigitalFoundry). The reveal date of Project Scorpio has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Xbox fans as the developer behind two of the biggest Xbox exclusive games (upcoming) has shared an update on the development status. The first update came from Reagent Games, the developer behind Crackdown 3.

State of Decay 2 Release Date At E3 2017

On Twitter, Reagent Games announced that new Crackdown 3 news is coming soon. "2017 is shaping up to be great! #Crackdown3 info is on the horizon, and we're ready to bring the boom!" wrote Reagent.

Undead Labs, the developer behind State of Decay 2 (the sequel to 2013's State of Decay) has revealed that the release date of the sequel will be announced at E3 2017. "We'll be announcing the release date @E3 so don't miss it! #StateOfDecay2".

It's good to see things are moving thick and fast in the first party department of Xbox. A Good thing for Project Scorpio. What are your expectations from Project Scorpio reveal on April 6? according to insider Jez Corden, Xbox fans should expect huge and positive surprises.

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