Leaked - Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Debut Trailer, Sequel Looks Promising

Star Wars Battlefront from DICE and Electronic Arts failed to live up to the expectations on many fronts, but the sequel, Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks pretty promising. How do we know this? the first look of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was leaked just a few hours ago. You can watch it below. One of the major points that disliked in the original game was the decision of DICE and Electronic Art to not include a proper single-player campaign. The sequel it seems like is going to tell an "untold soldier's story". How things will unfold in the single-player campaign in Star Wars Battlefront 2, we will surely get to know about it  very soon.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer

Also, it seems like Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have content from some of the major Star Wars films: the prequel, Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revealed of the Sith. In the trailer (which you can watch below), Darth More can be seen lighting his lightsaber, Rey in a forest.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is scheduled to launch later this year. Electronic Arts and DICE have set April 15 as the date of the official reveal of Star Wars Battlefront 2. So hold on to your seat, and in the meantime enjoy the leaked trailer below.

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