Upcoming GTA Online Ban will stop ongoing in-game cash hacking attempts

New GTA Online Ban is under construction that will simply add a block on in-game hacking attempts. Recently it was reported that a couple of new hacks lets some players get access to other players in-game cash. This was unfortunate for many players who were unaware about the exploit.

GTA Online Ban

To overcome such attempts the game developers are working on new bans that will reduce the number of these hacking attempts and allow players to navigate safe online. This could be a temporary relief for the time being because it is not a permanent solution, instead, it will reduce the attempts and chances are there, in future there could be possibly something new coming up.

The issue was highlighted when various users were reporting on GTA Online Community about their account ban. This is mention as a wrongful ban by Rockstar. We assume the new ban is working by reducing the accounts which own unsolicited game currency. This could be the beginning of a response from Rockstar. The ban seems to be working well where players are unaware about playing up a lot of money to the hacker.

Still, there are many exploits that are openly shared on various social media platforms with tutorials that allow random players to implement hacks. The most recently reported hack was in-game cash that disappears in no time in the form of paying hospital bills. Hope the new bans can allow players to wander around peacefully and enjoy non-stop gaming.

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