Mothergunship Developer skeptical about 4K 60FPS output on PS4 Pro


Mothergunship is a fast paced fps game held in space, you will be fighting with massive alien bots using cutting-edge weaponry system. We got the announcement trailer long back, yet a release date is not finalized. GamingBolt covered news recently about Mothergunship 4K output on PS4 at 60fps. Well, the as mentioned by the developer there is less possibility of having a native 4K output, but achievable using checkerboard.


Having native 4K output is still a challenge for many game developers. Joe Mirabello in the interview to GamingBolt talks about the demanding particle and post processing effects that limit the possibility of having a native 4K output. Still, PS4's Checkerboard rendering remains the only platform for games to achieve 4K at standard fps. He also talks about having the game on Nintendo Switch, a future plan.

The official link is shared below the game trailer where you can read a bit more about Mothergunship 4K support. PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio both platforms are competing to achieve 4K over a base platform, very few games we will see will have a native 4K output.

Source: GamingBolt

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